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Hydro Jetting



At New Generation Plumbing we offer hydro-jetting to clean your drains and maintain your plumbing system. We help clients everyday keep their lines clean and clear for optimal plumbing throughout the entire house. The force and effectiveness of the hydro-jetting service has proven successful for clearing drains.

We use the hydro-jetting service to negate the use of the traditional snake. The use of its pressurized water blasts through any troublesome clogs your drains may have. Hydro-jetting gives our clients a cost effective and natural option to keeping their drains clean.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro-jetting is an advanced form of drain cleaning. Pressurized water is directed into the pipes through a head attached to the pipe. The method is simple and clean as water breaks through any debris or buildup found in the drains. It is a safe service offered to maintain not only the inside of the drains, but the overall quality of the drains.


Keeping drains clean is key to a good home plumbing system. Hydro-jetting is the most natural and non-invasive service for drain cleaning. This option is simply composed of a water tank, hose, nozzle and machine. No harsh blades or chemicals are needed to clear your clogged drains. See what New Generation Plumbing can do for your drains today.

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At New Generation Plumbing, we have nailed down an efficient process in handling any and all plumbing services. First, we send a member of our highly knowledgeable plumbing team to inspect the problem with our client. After inspection, we come up with a remedy for the problem and get working. Our team runs fast and efficiently because we know your time is precious and your household depends on its plumbing. Our team uses top of the line tools to make sure we are servicing your home correctly.

Our customer service remains world class, ensuring the satisfaction of each and every customer we do business with. We practice honest and reliable service for all of our clients and aim to maintain an outstanding relationship with them. Let us be your go to trusted plumbing service.

We serve clients in Northeast Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley and San Rafael Hills with distinction. We service the cities of Highland Park, Pasadena, Eagle Rock, Altadena, and all of Northeast Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley. Contact us to find out more about our premier plumbing services. Let New Generation Plumbing handle all your plumbing needs today.

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"These guys are great! Prompt and ready with a smile. Loved their attitude. I will definitely be calling them back! New Generation rocks!"

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"I’ve used New Generation Plumbing for my home’s drain and sewer maintenance for years. They have never let me down! Trust me, they are true plumbing experts!”

Brad R.