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What is a Rooter Service?

The rooter service method was created to target roots in plumbing that disrupted drain flowage. Although the rooter service was originally intended to rid drains of roots and other natural intrusions, it is also used to clear pesky clogs. Many different forms of blockage can all be cleared fast and efficiently with New Generation Plumbing’s rooter service.

Our team of expert plumbers are meticulously trained to use our rooter machine to clear drains of natural causes and unruly debris. We use the only the best rooter tool to clean your drains of pesky buildup. Failing to address these problems can result in even more costly problems down the road. Here is what you need to know about rooter services.

What is a Rooter?

Drains are used every single day within a household. With daily use, drains can become clogged from excess build up. Along with clogs within the drains, nature can also interfere with your drain usage. A rooter is a drain cleaning machine that was designed to unblock drains that have been clogged from tree roots and other hard-to-reach debris. Rooters are used to clean drains with long motorized blades that cut and rid drains of debris or roots.

Why are There Roots in my Pipes?

Drier weather conditions often cause plant roots to travel long distances in search of moisture. If your pipes have any cracks or leaks, the water vapor trail will cause roots to start penetrating the pipes in order to reach the water.

Why are Roots in Plumbing Bad?

This could lead to a reduced flow and slow drains. In most cases the roots lead to a complete blockage. This is because the roots quickly start to act as a net by catching all the grease and other waste from your household, which is why it is important to keep your drains clean if you suspect that you have roots in your plumbing. Also, once the roots enter the pipes through the cracks or other openings, the pipes are prone to break as a result of the intensified pressure.

What Can I do if my Drains are Clogged?

Many people will reach straight for harsh acidic chemicals to remove blockages. However, these are not always recommended. The chemicals can cause damage to your pipes and ultimately cause even more problems in the long run. It is best to make use of professional drain cleaning and rooter services. Especially when the blockage is caused by plant roots.

What do Rooter Services Entail?

Our drain cleaning professionals can clear your drains in one of two ways. The first technique is to snake the drain as much as possible and then to use chemicals to clear the remaining debris and to speed up the decomposition of any dead roots. However, these chemicals can often be harmful to the environment. Therefore, a new method has developed, called hydro jetting or hydro scrubbing. Water is forced through the pipes using varying amounts of pressure, in order to clear the pipes and scrub away any built-up debris on the walls of the pipes. This method is quick, effective, economic and also friendly to the environment. Then, the plumber will use a rooter machine to break up the roots in plumbing and get them out. It is important that an experienced professional is always in control of this machine because it is possible to damage your pipes more if it is not used correctly.

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